Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day - my light bulb thinking for you!

Hi Everyone.

Just want to wish all the mothers, mother's to be, grandmothers and everyone who cares for someone a wonderful and enjoyable Mother's Day. It's snowing in my postal code but that won't stop me from enjoying my day. I can hear rustling about in the kitchen as Robert makes the coffee and Chelsea and Kelsey prepare breakfast. I am most excited about eating something soon! I started my day with a 4 mile run. Glad I finally got some cardio in - it's been difficult with all the travel lately.

But this is the day to celebrate the women in your life so don't forget that a phone call, flowers or time spent with that special lady can mean the difference between a lonely day and a happy one. Did you call Mom? Tell her you love her. Tell her what she means to you. Tell her even if it's difficult for you to do it. It matters.

My sister is with my mother who lives in Belleville. I sent my mother, Tina, a huge bunch of yellow flowers and am calling her shortly. My sister and I planned her gifts already so I can't wait to hear how she enjoyed them.

On the menu today? No idea about breakfast yet but it sure smells fantastic! Dinner is grilled bison tenderloin, garlic roasted asparagus, oven roasted baby potatoes, more veggies - whatever looks good at the market and hopefully something yummy for dessert. We are cooking at home.

I love you all and want to hear about your special lady. Who is she? How has she helped you become who you are today?

Keep it tight!


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Anonymous said...

Had a wonderful night with my mother and sister and our families last night. Yummy meal from eat clean mag. Today I went out for lunch and had a bison burger without the bun. Yummy.

Just wish it was warm enough to garden. Have a great day Tosca.