Friday, August 20, 2010

Your Best Body Now Shoot!

Yesterday was an extremely productive day. We filmed 6 promotional videos for Your Best Body Now, which debuts with Harlequin on September 28! Check out the preorder button here at Amazon! Here's a little photo journal of the day, which went by seamlessly thanks to amazing organizational efforts on the part of Harlequin & my team from Robert Kennedy Publishing. Here we go!

Getting primped & prepped by Ms. Sabrina Rinaldi:

Getting ready to film the holiday segment where we discuss tips & tricks for avoiding those holiday party pitfalls

Filming the gym segment with the Harlequin team who are joining forces to figure out the best ways to describe a lunge:

Here's the book! Isn't it pretty!

Signing a few copies... I can't wait to meet you and sign yours!

You can get more info here on some of great book features, like Dr. Michelle Gannon, here!



Dr. Josh Axe said...

Can't wait for September 28th!

Dr. Josh Axe said...

Can't wait for September 28th!

imsoprecious78 said...

I'm sooo excited! I can't wait for your new book! :) THANK YOU, Tosca! <3

sumoffood said...

really ready for this one!

Vanda said...

Jeeps, I'm just getting the recharge book. So excited to hear there's another one on the way.

Anonymous said...

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Lena said...

I can't wait for this book. I have 3 of your eat-clean diet books. So of course I already place my order for this upcoming book. Thanks Tosca

Anonymous said...

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