Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paris is a Memory

Hello All.

We are home. Our trip to Paris is now a memory. It's funny how you can spend the entire day travelling, basically sitting on your butt yet you feel exhausted. Bob and I rolled in the door with our entourage of luggage around 7:00 pm last night, looked at each other and headed straight for bed. We slept 13 hours. I never do that. But it was needed.

So our last day in Paris was spent wandering around in the St. Germain area visiting interesting little shops and having our last cafe at a cafe. At noon we made our way over to Kelsey's school to join her for her exhibit of what she had learned and created during her four weeks in Paris at the Parsons Fashion Illustration course. We were blown away by what we saw. I was impressed at her skills but a mother would be. Bob could give an unbiased opinion as Kelsey is not his flesh and blood though he loves her. With his artistic training he could see she had talent and was not prepared for how good her work really was. The exhibit was a success for her as was the summer course. Well done Kelsey! Well done!

After the exhibit we visited the Louvre again as Kelsey had not seen it. The highlights were of course the Mona Lisa (again, but who gets tired of seeing this masterpiece?) and the Venus de Milo. We wandered through the ancient Greek and Roman salons and then found our way to a cafe in the museum where we enjoyed a delicious dinner. From this point Kelsey would be joining her classmates for a final hurrah on the town and Bob and I were heading back to the hotel to pack and have a glass of champagne.

The morning of travel came early - at 5:00 am the alarm rang and we were up and running. I hope we get visit this gorgeous city again because we by no means saw it all. Here's to the future.

Thank you all for following along. We make great memories together don't we?


i_amEatingRight said...

Welcome back! Thank you for sharing memories from your trip with all of us. Kelsey's sketches are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It has been fun being in Europe with you! Even though I am the one back in the states! Kelsey's work looks wonderful, I would certainly say she has talent. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dr Eric Berg said...

welcome home and congratulations on your happy trip. and thanks for sharing your wonderful and fun trip.

Jingles said...

Yay, welcome back to our shared continent, Tosca. Such fun following your travels and happy you got home safe and sound altho' bushed/sleepy.

M said...

It's so much fun to go away, but always great to get home. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It looked fantastic!

sumoffood said...

what a great bunch of memories you have at your disposal now to be able to recall and enjoy at a moments notice.
Welcome home and hope the jet lag doesn't hit you too hard!