Thursday, November 13, 2008

8 More

Your support is unbelievable. Many thanks to everyone who is coaching me throughout this crazy journey. We are a mere 8 days away from the contest and I couldn't be happier.

For anyone who would like more information on the event or would like to attend please visit

I spent 12 hours filming yesterday!!! I am totally beat, but I still managed to squeeze in 2 training sessions. Read on for more:

AM Training:
I walked uphill for about 35 minutes and at a good pace to put me squarely in a fat burning heart rate zone. Sometimes I like to run so much I run too fast and don’t get the full fat burn thing going. So today I slowed it down for that purpose.

Then I trained glutes and abs. My weight training plan comes from trial and error and what works for me to fit into my schedule allowing recovery time for each muscle when I am not competition training. Things are very different during competition prep. Of course, my husband, who is the definite expert in this field, helped me develop the program.

Glutes: 3 sets of kneeling cable kickbacks heavy and 12 reps in each set; prone hip raises with a 45 pound plate for 15 full reps followed immediately by 15 little pulses; then another set of prone hip raises with 2, 45 pound plates on my stomach doing 20 full range reps and 20 little pulses; one more full set the same as the last; then hamstring curls with weight lying face down on a flat bench but lifting the lower abdomen off the bench at the top of the curl – very difficult and great for hitting the glutes; then 3 sets of squats, heavy

Straight Arm Pullovers: 3 sets of 15 reps with 10 pound dumbbells. I do this exercise right after each set of squats to normalize breathing and to open up the ribcage musculature.

Abs: 4 sets of bench crunches for 30 reps – alternating between normal crunches and twisting crunches; 2 sets of Captain’s chair leg raises for 35 reps each


250 ml water with lemon juice
250 ml water with 9 ounces wheat grass
5 fish oil capsules

2 Tablespoons each oatmeal, salba, wheat germ, flaxseed and bee pollen – that is it!
3 egg whites – NO yolks
Black coffee

Mid Morning:
3 egg whites
½ raw red pepper
Water water water
Herbal detox tea

¼ cup brown rice
2 cups steamed mixed veggies
5 ounces grilled chicken tenderloins
Water water water
Herbal detox tea

Mid PM:
3 egg whites
Other half of red pepper
Herbal detox tea

1 cup Steamed spinach
5 ounces grilled chicken
1 cup steamed broccoli

Before Bed: cal/mag supplement mixed with MSM and glutamine – tastes nasty!!

PM Training:
Chest: 5 sets bench press followed by 4 sets of cable cross overs
Back: 5 sets pulldowns, 3 sets seated row
Shoulders: 5 sets presses, 4 sets lateral raise

2nd cardio session: 20 minutes uphill climb/walk session. This was much faster paced. When I put the treadmill at 7.5 or 8 for speed I run that at a steady pace to very fast music!!! That keeps me going. I am trying to build some lungs and some endurance.

More tomorrow with some Q & A...


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up, you're almost there Tosca! Sending you much love from Alberta!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading all of what you did yesterday! AND hungry! I think for one of your costumes for the competition, it should be a Wonder Woman outfit! with the cape!

Anonymous said...

good job!
what incline and speed do you walk for fat burning 35minutes?
just curious.....

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Tosca!!!!! I would like to try the hip raises with 90pund on my stomach! wow! sounds like a great exercise for the bummmmmmmm
:) Keep sending you positive energy!!!!
szilvi g, ct

VeggieGirl said...


I'm rooting for you!!!

Anonymous said...

More positive vibes coming from the Ottawa Valley. You're doing great Tosca, keep it going girl, you're almost there.

Helen (Molly229)

Customer Service said...


Thanks for incorporating Salba into your meal plans! Just a reminder for those who may want more information they can visit

Anonymous said...

You Rock!

Anonymous said...

Been researching MSM products. What one do you take? sounds like a powder. Does it also have Glutamine and or Chondrotin? Is there ever a day when you are not just a little bit sore? I am always a little sore somewhere and often very sore somewhere! And you are so welcome for all the complements. You so deserve them for the support you give to all of us. God bless you Tosca. I will continue to send the compliment your way. We all need each other.

Anonymous said...

Your are so inspiring. You are one hot Mama!! You will knock them dead on stage. Sending you stay strong, keep it going vibes your way, not that you need it.



Anonymous said...

Your are so inspiring. You are one hot Mama!! You will knock them dead on stage. Sending you stay strong, keep it going vibes your way, not that you need it.



Anonymous said...

You are a machine! Can't wait to see you on stage.

crystal said...

Looking great,can't wait until the big day,your going to be wonderfull.Will you take a break from competeing now?How often is there competitions. What's in Canada for competitions?I live in PE ,Canada,Did you ever hear tell of anything in the maritimes?
I wonder what network will be broadcasting for next weekend,I"ll have to check out the guide,And your reality show that's on the w network you say!right?