Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Eat-Clean Team Gets Scary

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and have remembered to set your clocks back one hour today. Yeah.... an extra hour in the day... the one thing I've been asking for all year.

So I've attached a few pics from my day in the office on Friday with my Eat-Clean team. These ladies keep me going and are the reason for all things Eat Clean!

Don't we look frightening.... or maybe we just look creepy... At least we had a good time.

So here are my food and training logs from Friday and Saturday and the answers to a few questions:

Q:I just started to squatting with a 40lb bar and prior to that did walking lunges to warm up with up body movement with a ball. Is it normal for your hip sock to be sore...until you get used to it. Or is this abnormal?

A: You may be irritating the joint especially if you are in the wrong position or are using too much weight. Move within your limits making sure you are in the proper position with your knees over your ankles as you squat down. Do not force it. Decrease your weight, too. If this does not help I would recommend that you try another exercise instead of squats to let your hip heal, and visit a physical therapist to check on the joint.

Q: Glutamine - What does it do and should you only take it when one trains really hard to replace the lose of glutamine in the body and also help with soreness?

A: Glutamine is an amino acid made by the food. Supplementation of glutamine is helpful for muscle recovery as well as many other types of recovery and healing. It has been used in burn victims, individuals suffering from anxiety and depression, and post-operative healing. It is important. Athletes benefit from glutamine because their muscle stores can become depleted and recovery takes much longer. Glutamine supplementation decreases the recovery time. Research has shown that glutamine supplementation is not necessary in non-athletes.

Q:Wanted to know what your thougths were on bottled water? Now that these stainless steel bottles are in, which one does one buy? Manufacuters, qualities and price points vary and advice? Saw one today that said no BPI? Do you use tap water in the stainles bottle or is there another alternative? Thanks - you're knock'em dead in Las Vegas!

A: I personally use tap water or filtered water from my fridge and I put it in a stainless steel water bottle. I use a Sigg bottle because I got it as a gift from my daughter, and I also have a Klean Kanteen bottle because this is what they sell at the health-food store in my town. I don't know much about the companies nor am I affiliated with the companies I mentioned above. I would recommend purchasing a bottle within your price limit that suits your needs. I just know not to wash them in the dishwasher. Electrolyte-enhanced, distilled water is an option for a replacement from tap water, but this usually has to be purchased from the store, too.

Q: Do you do colon cleanse? I keep hearing that everyone should do a colon cleanse twice or three times a year. If you do one, do you do a all natural colon cleanse? One that will take all the toxins out of your body? Thanks.

A: I personally do not use colon cleanses. I believe that healthy eating, including flaxseed, is enough to keep the colon healthy. However, this is just my opinion. If you are interesting in a colon cleanse I would encourage you to visit a health-care professional who offers these services rather than trying a method from the box. Some of these can be scams!



Before Breakfast:
250 ml water with chlorophyll
250 ml water with juice of one lemon
5 fish oil supplement

½ cup cooked oatmeal topped with 2 T wheat germ, flaxseed, bee pollen
5 egg whites + one yolk
1 black coffee

Mid AM:
Protein shake

5 ounces halibut
1 cup steamed mixed veggies
500 ml water
Black coffee

Mid Afternoon:
1 cup steamed asparagus
5 ounces tilapia
250 ml water

6 egg whites scrambled
1 tomato
10 slices cucumber
Chamomile tea

Before Bed:
Water and calcium/magnesium supplement
I had the best sleep!

Pre-exhaust biceps: 4 sets 15 reps heavy Scott preacher bench curls followed immediately by alternating sets of close grip pulldowns
Pre-exhaust triceps: 4 sets 15 triceps pressdowns followed immediately by alternating sets of close grip bench press
Ab isolation exercises
Posing practice 15 minutes
3 sets adductors


I drove to Belleville so I had to eat out of a cooler for most of the day.

Before Breakfast:
Before I left I drank 250 ml water with lemon juice and 250 ml water with chlorophyll.

½ cup cooked oats with 2 T flax and wheat germ and one scoop protein powder.
5 egg whites only
250 ml water

Mid Morning:
5 egg whites
15 slices cucumber

5 ounces tilapia
1 cup steamed mixed asparagus and green beans
250 ml water

Mid Afternoon:
Asian chicken salad with loads of crispy greens and grilled chicken but no dressing.

Breakfast for dinner at home – 6 scrambled egg whites and one tomato


Rest day!!!!!!!!!!! woohoooooooo


VeggieGirl said...

HAHA!! Love the photos - looks like you had a fun Halloween!! :0)

Enjoy your rest day!!

Anonymous said...

Halloween isn't big in Norway..but my DD went Trick or Treat as Little Red Riding Hood :))

Long time since I've visited your blog. I'm back for are still staying strong - I knew it! You're amazing!