Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday's Eating and Training

Well, wasn't Tuesday a busy day...

Congrats to our American Clean Eaters who have named their new president, Barack Obama.

It seems change is in the air. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for you to reflect on your own life and take note of any changes that need to be made. This is the time to do it! Perhaps you've been waiting for the right time to start exercising and eating clean, or you still haven't given up your diet soda habit, or your nightly brownie binge, or you want to enter a competition, but are too afraid. Or you just can't seem to find any time for you!! This is the time. Do it now!

Also, I meant to mention this on Monday, but did you all receive your Eat-Clean Diet newsletter for November? I am super proud of this one. Many thanks to my team for helping create a beautiful read. If you don't receive the monthly Eat-Clean Diet Newsletter I encourage you to sign up at Eat-Clean

Finally (sheesh lots of notes today). I love answering your questions, but I do have one small request. If you have a question that is personal in nature, I would recommend you send it to my personal email ( That way I can answer it specifically for you and we can work together to find the best solution.

I have posted a response to a comment made a few days ago. To the author of the comment, perhaps you could send an email to me from now on and we can work together on your successful journey to health:

Shaleena Writes:

Hi Tosca!
I have a few questions for you... I am 5'8 and currently weigh 150 lbs, I have been weight training for a few years now ( I am 20, and started weight training when I was 14). I have been trying to cope with an eating disorder that began as anorexia (my lowest weight was 98lbs) and turned to a binge eating issue. I am currently struggling to keep my diet clean. I am a single mother, attending school and waitressing. I am busy, but manage to squeeze in about 5-6 hours of weight training per week. I certainly need to increase my cardio. My motivation is my wonderful three year old daughter. I ate super clean throughout my pregnancy with her, and worked out. I want so badly to provide a healthy example for her, so I would like to end my struggle with eating. I find when I feel overwhelmed (mid term time, extra hours at work etc), I get the urge to binge. I find drinking a cup of tea often helps. What is your opinion on the use of Stevia as a sweetner, and is it safe for my daughter to use? I would like to lose 15 lbs, and I know that in order to do so I need to increase my cardio. I have trouble striking a balance ( I often find myself on the verge of over training). What is your recommendation for the amount of cardio I should be doing in respect to my weight training. I apologize.. this is a loaded post. I do want to commend you on your work pertaining to children. Cheers, and your doing awesome in your contest prep:)

Tosca Responds:

Hello Shaleena.

I am touched that you would trust me enough to share your personal struggles with me. I will honor that trust and respect the honesty with which you shared your story. Thank you.

First let me congratulate you on making the first and most difficult decision – to look after yourself so that you can set the best example for your daughter. Your little one is young still but she will someday thank you for that gift. Be patient with your guidance and stay true in your desire to teach her well. Your own struggles with eating disorders have given you a gift and that is to be a teacher for your daughter and for others who need to know of your story so they too can overcome these difficulties.

That being said I would like to tell you that at your height your weight currently is in a healthy range. You may have some ideas for improving the look of your physique but basically that weight is good especially if you have muscle on your frame. Do not become obsessive over cardio. I will do 30 minutes every other day and during competition time obviously a bit more but remember that cardio does not fix all. I would rather you make healthy, Clean Eating a priority so you know what, when, how and how much to feed yourself every day. Using Clean Eating as your guide helps you eat more frequently and still keep a lean, healthy body.

Let me share with you that although I do not have an eating disorder, I also have times when I want desperately to eat everything in sight. Usually that is when I am bored or tired. I shared this recently on my blog. I wanted to eat peanut butter and chocolate like crazy. Then I remembered why I was training so hard and made myself a cup of tea instead. Just like you! So you are normal just like everybody else. Food can be soul satisfying and once in a while a little bit of naughty is good but keep the overall goal of health and wellness firmly in mind. Stevia is fine but give agave nectar a try. That is my personal choice and I think you might like it too. It has more of a natural flavor and a low glycemic index.

Here are my hugs to you. Smile and love yourself so you can love your little girl.

Okay... now onto my eating and training logs for yesterday:

Before Breakfast Training and Eating:
Cardio - 35 mins intervals
250 ml water with lemon juice
250 ml water with 9 oz wheat grass
5 fish oil capsules
Multi vitamin

1/2 cup cooked oats with 2T flax, salba and wheat germ
5 hard boiled egg whites + one yolk

Mid Am:
5 oz tilapia
1/2 cup green beans
1 cup chamomile tea

Lunch (eaten at hairdressers- I was in desperate need of a cut and highlights
session at my fav Toronto spot, Fiorio!)
5 hard boiled egg whites + one yolk
1/2 cup steamed green beans

1 black coffee

Mid Pm:
I was still in Toronto doing errands and shopping for a certain first born
daughter's b-day gifts. I also went to visit my pal Joanne at Nella Cucina, too.
We had a coffee together.

Evening Training:
Then full body non-apparatus workout.

Ground turkey scramble with edamame and chopped tomato. Yummy!
Water while watching American election coverage - woohoo!
Chamomile tea

Before Bed:
5 oz tuna



Anonymous said...

Morning all,

Shaleena, Tosca is right. Taking care of yourself is the only way you can give to others...your daughter.
Tosca is a giving and caring her. Let her guide you to where you need to be. You won't be disappointed as you can see by her response ~ I certainly wasn't.


VeggieGirl said...

Yep, I certainly DID receive my Eat-Clean Diet newsletter for November - it was FABULOUS!!! Thanks again!!! :0)

I agree with Anonymous' comment above - Tosca, you're such a wonderful inspiration.

Hilda Andrade Toronto ON Canada said...

Tosca :) thanks for being there for us and also for the struggles you endured in order to be here for us! You are such an amazing influence and mentor. I hope that I can someday meet you in person!

Anonymous said...

Tosca, which multivitamin do you recommend?

sherimont said...

Thank you for this site it is great. What form of wheatgrass do you take. Is it liquid or powder?
Is there a brand that is best?

Anonymous said...

I also got the newsletter. Thanks Tosca. As mentioned above, you continue to inspire and what amazes me when I read your blogs is how "real" you are. I have often thought you had to be a special kind of person to do competition but I see your tiredness, your struggles, your boredom with food and the fact that you have to fit real life into it all. You are just like us and that's what draws me to you so much. You rock!!

Helen (Molly229)

Cecilia said...

Hi Tosca,
I have a question about meal times. I own a retail store, and I bring my cooler with my snacks and lunch for the day. Unfortunately, it's sometimes hard to keep the snacktimes (2-3 hours) because the store is busy at those times. If I'm running late on a snack, should I eat it anyway and just have the next meal with less time in between, or should I skip that meal and keep them spaced further apart. I guess what I'm asking is what is more important: a 2-3 hour interval between meals, or 5-6 meals per day?

Jennifer said...

I just bought your Eat Clean Diet book and recipe book! They are great! :) I am confused though because on your blog, your diet does not come from any recipes in your book. Will I really be able to get the body I want by eating from the Eat Clean Diet recipe book or should I follow the program you are doing?

Jennifer said...

P.S. I have been lifting weights for quite sometime and I love it. Naturally, my lower body is very lean and smaller than my upper body. I tend to store my fat in my abs/arms/trunk area (yes, I am an apple). Should I lift heavy weight low reps on my lower body and lower weights higher reps on my upper body for a more proportionate figure?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca ... I loooove your blog. Read it nearly every day.
I have a question about preparing for a fitness competition. How early should u start preparing and focusing (3months?)? What would u focus on during the first time and what when it gets really close to the competition (gain muscle, slim down, define muscles???) ???
I´m a sports student and have to creat a training plan for a chosen sport and I choosed fitness/ bodybuilding.
Sorry for that long comment.
Thanks so much for motivating me and all the other girls / women (/and men).