Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is A LONG ONE... Sunday is Q&A Day

Morning Clean Eaters One and All,

Another rainy day has greeted me here in Ontario. Must be the fall!

Looooooonnnng day yesterday as I went to see my protégé (of sorts) Janice
Farmer in her first ever competition downtown Toronto. The cameras
followed us everywhere while there. With loads of coaching she managed to
smile and the attention of the judges - placed 5th in Novice Short Masters.

I got lots of comments for Fridays post... and it seems lots of questions. I guess today will be a Q & A day. Of course, I have Friday and Saturday's eating and training for you, too.

Question for Me:
Tosca - when you are re-introducing yourself back into your "normal" clean eating, do you have to do so in any particular way? I would think your body would be in shock by the changes, what with the training and the food restrictions. Are you being monitored by a physician or I should ask in a more general way, for those who partake in competitions, do they not only have a trainer but also a physician on hand?
I know a little about competition from watching my personal trainer who is a champion and I was concerned with the process of watching him get cut and in such a short period of time...

Answer for You:
When I am getting back into regular eating I introduce foods slowly but surely. I remember the first time I competed my daughter had made me a chocolate cupcake for after the event. Sure enough I gobbled it up when I was done and... I felt REALLY sick! So I quickly learned to introduce more and more complex carbohydrates into my diet each day. My body doesn't pack on the pounds instantly, but it does return to its normal, healthy weight over time. I am not being monitored by a physician during this process because I'm pretty clear about what I'm doing. I don't know if other competitors use physicians. Likely they just rely on their trainers. It's not an easy thing... and we're all a little nuts, BUT the reward is great.

Question for Me:
Are we going to get any pre-competition pictures like the last one? I am dying to see your progress :)

Answer for You:
YES! I will be posting some soon.

Question for Me:
I'm a vegetarian. Can you give me few ideas regarding the lean protein. I'm planning to do cooler 1 plan for a week.

Answer for You:
In the new expanded edition of The Eat-Clean Diet I have included a list of vegetarian protein options. You can use this as a reference. Your main concern is getting a complete protein. Hemp, quinoa, and tofu are complete plant proteins. If you are a veg that eats eggs you can rely on the whites as a source of protein. Otherwise, you need to combine things like legumes in order to get the complete protein.

Question for Me:
Very important question....Will I be able to get your upcoming TV series in New Jersey? I think the W network is sxclusive to Canada, right?

Answer for You:
I don't think you'll be able to see the show in NJ. W is a Canadian network. I would recommend checking out W's website to see if they offer online viewing.

Question for Me:
Could you please answer the question on what to eat on the night shift? You are great and give us older women the great get up on go. I read you every day, because you are my age and so real to society. thank you for being their for all of us!!!!!!!!!

Answer for You:
Eat on a night shift as you would on a day shift. Treat your nighttime as daytime. Your body still needs good quality fuel in the form of lean protein and complex carbs every 2 - 3 hours. When you return home from work get a proper sleep and return to Eating Clean every 2 - 3 hours. Listen to your body. It will tell you when it's time to eat.

Question for Me:
You're such an amazing athlete!! I'd love to see your progress so far! I was also wondering, when you're done your competition could you give us all an idea of a day of normal eating for you? thanks!!

Answer for You:
Sure thing! After the comp is done I'll post some menus, but it's mainly exactly what is written in The Eat-Clean Diet.

Question for Me:
Thank you for this site it is great. What form of wheatgrass do you take. Is it liquid or powder?
Is there a brand that is best?

Answer for You:
See Wednesday October 29th's entry.

Question for Me:
Hi Tosca,
I have a question about meal times. I own a retail store, and I bring my cooler with my snacks and lunch for the day. Unfortunately, it's sometimes hard to keep the snacktimes (2-3 hours) because the store is busy at those times. If I'm running late on a snack, should I eat it anyway and just have the next meal with less time in between, or should I skip that meal and keep them spaced further apart. I guess what I'm asking is what is more important: a 2-3 hour interval between meals, or 5-6 meals per day?

Answer for You:
The most important thing is to keep your body out of "starvation mode". This means getting food when you are hungry. If you find you've had to skip a meal because of a busy period then eat when you get the opportunity and start again from there.

Question for Me:
Hi Tosca ... I loooove your blog. Read it nearly every day.
I have a question about preparing for a fitness competition. How early should u start preparing and focusing (3months?)? What would u focus on during the first time and what when it gets really close to the competition (gain muscle, slim down, define muscles???) ???
I´m a sports student and have to creat a training plan for a chosen sport and I choosed fitness/ bodybuilding.
Sorry for that long comment.
Thanks so much for motivating me and all the other girls / women (/and men).

Answer for You:
Take a look at the blog starting from August. This is when I started prepping for my end of September show. So 2 -3 months is a good bracket. If you're a first timer I would get a trainer who is experienced in competing ASAP. Your focus throughout your preparation is building lean muscle and getting "cut", which means losing a lot of body fat. My blog takes you through those steps so give it a read.


250 ml water with lemon juice
250 ml water with 9 ounces wheat grass

AM Training: 35 minute cardio session on treadmill doing uphill climbing and sprints

¼ cup oats with 2 T wheat germ flax Salba and bee pollen each
5 hard boiled egg whites, one yolk
Black coffee
5 fish oil supplement capsules
Vitamin C
Vitamin B complex

Mid AM:
Juiced veggies: 2 beets, 1 carrot, 4 celery stalks, 1 bunch frisee lettuce, 1 cucumber, 1 tomato
I drank half of this and had 5 ounces tuna

Grilled chicken
½ baked potato
1 cup steamed veg
1 glass water
Black coffee

Mid PM:
More juiced drink
4 egg whites
Herbal detox tea

Grilled chicken
1 cup steamed broccoli
½ half sweet potato

PM Workout:
Hamstring curls until I failed! Four sets each leg, 55 pounds
Leg extensions: 4 sets, 12 reps up to 180 pounds
Squats: 3 sets, 15 reps, 100 pounds
Straight arm pullovers: in between each squat set, 15 reps with 10 pound dumbbells

Post workout and before bed:
Cal mag drink
Herbal tea
Egg whites
Sleeeeeepppp! Time to recover.


250 ml water juice of one lemon
250 ml water 9 ounces wheat grass
Chlorella tablets
5 fish oil supplement capsules
Vitamin c
Vitamin b complex

Black coffee
1/4 cup cooked oats, 2 T each wheat germ, flax, salba, bee pollen
5 egg whites

Mid AM:
Chicken breast
1/2 raw, red pepper

Chicken breast
1 cup steamed broccoli

Mid PM:
Chicken breast
1/2 raw red pepper

Steamed grouper
Steamed cauliflower, peppers and broccoli
Black coffee

I am really feeling the energy drain now. Sometimes it is difficult to
simply walk down the street.

But that we must do as our Eat Clean team

treated us to an evening out last night. We saw the operetta, Abduction
from the Seraglio with Mozart's music. It was a late night and no training
so we have double workouts today which I will post when we do them.

Today is
going to be busy too as I am under the gun to finish my current book project
and then we are going to watch Kelsey-Lynn dance at the Royal Winter Fair
this afternoon.

After that I am supposed to visit my girlfriends for our

annual Christmas gathering complete with wine and cheese - oh, yes, you
guessed it! NO wine and NO cheese for me. I will have my cooler with me all

What's in my cooler today?
For every meal today I will be eating the same thing:
Turkey, edamame and tomato scramble
Brown rice
Juiced veggies: beets, radishes, 1/2 apple, bok choy, spinach, tomato
I will carry this with me and drink as needed.

Breakfast this morning was the same as yesterday. No changes although I
would kill for a banana right now!

Got to go train.

Love to you all.
Send hugs pleeeezzz.


VeggieGirl said...

So exciting that you got to see Janice compete!!

Great Q&A's - thank you so much for recommending hemp protein, since it IS a fabulous source :0)

Good luck with training!!

Anonymous said...

I am sending you tons of positive energy!!!! and lots of hugs! love hearing how great you are doing! can't wait to see your pics!!!!!
szilvi g,ct

Anonymous said...

Why no bananas?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,

Yeah why no bananas?
I eat at least 2-3 a day!
It's a staple. But weight train regularly could this hind progress - for the lower abs ? Yes tha is my weak spot right now.

Barb said...

Hi Tosca, I just did my first Figure Competition (3rd in Masters and 4th in height), I feel your pain. The hardest day was the Thursday before competition, I had zero energy. I am however struggling a little with the after competition eating, it is a lot harder than I thought. I want to eat everything I couldn't have for 12 weeks. Hugs to you and stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Tosca, I am new to your blog and loving it!! I to am interested in knowing the brand of wheat grass you use. I looked at your blog response on Oct.29th as you suggested but it does not state the BRAND you use. Also what brand hemp protein do you prefer. I have ALL of your books. They are all excellent. You could not have done a more perfect job on the cookbook. I would wish you luck on your upcoming comp but I REALLY don't think you need it!!!!!!

Angela said...

Go Tosca GOOOOOO! You are so close now. Soon you'll be standing on stage...perfectly lean and beautiful...with a huge smile on your face knowing what you've accomplished!!!! I LOVE this blog and I'm continuously amazed how responsive and helpful you are!!!
Two questions...

How do you prepare this turkey, edamame and tomato scramble you speak of?


Do you salt your food?

Anonymous said...

(( HUGS )) !!!

Anonymous said...

About the wheatgrass question...I think the best thing to do is go to either Whole Foods or an organic alternative grocery store, in the produce section, the freshest form of wheatgrass is when it is in a tray, looks like regular grass outside. But for purchasing that kind, you need to get a specific juicer that allows you to juice the grass. Otherwise, you can buy ready made shots of wheatgrass, again at the alternative stores, but it isn't as potent because it isn't as fresh and with wheatgrass it loses its vitality within a short span of time. There are stores in Toronto, like "Toronto Sprouts" that offer a delivery service for all kinds of sprouts (hence the name) and I believe they also offer the trays of wheatgrass as well.
Tosca - how are you getting your potassium? I'm sorry, I may have missed that in a previous entry.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you're simply amazing!Even with the dedication it takes to complete this competition, you still manage to give even more of yourself by sharing your journey with all of us. Thank you and HUGE HUGS to you!


Ellie A said...

Hi Tosca!

I just stumbled across your blog yesterday - what a great find :) I discovered OXYGEN earlier this year, and it is BY FAR the BEST women's fitness resource I have found over the last few years! I also love your Eat-Clean series - money is a little tight right now, but I'm hoping that Christmas will bring a few addtions to my collection :)

Now, you might have written about this sometime in the past, but I haven't worked through all the old entries yet ;)...My question for you is: how long did it take you to completely transition from your old lifestyle to eating clean? I feel like I am definitely making progress, but the road is kind of slow so far...

Any help or tips would be appreciated!

Good Luck!

PS: I'm in Ontario too!