Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cool Reading Material for Your Tuesday

Here's an interview I did with Natural Muscle Magazine. Jump to pages 56 - 57.

Also, pick up the October issue of Men's Fitness Magazine to learn more about Eating Clean for men! Here's a peak:


Anonymous said...

The link for the interview did not work. It brings up the cover of the magazine and you can flip the pages but they are all blank. I even clicked all the way to pages 56-57 in case it was different but they are blank too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca - I would like to know your thoughts on the H1N1 vaccine.....I am really on the fence about this issue: do I give it to my kids and myself? Do I wait? Apparently there is mercury in the shot, but not more than a can of tuna. Long term side effects vs getting the H1N1 flu....thoughts anyone??????

Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca - Great magazine spread. I too would like to know your thoughts on the H1N1 vaccine. I see you asked about it on Twitter, however, I would love to know what people responded to you. I am a mother of two girls 15 and 12 and I am also a teacher...this flu has me freaked. Especially since the loss of a healthy 13 year old boy in Toronto yesterday.....what do you think? Tania from Peterborough. PS Love the new cookbook...I have my own "Tosca bookshelf" with everyone of your books....I'm turning 40 next Wednesday and looking forward to it. Keep being the Best of the Best.