Friday, October 30, 2009

Suzanne Somers

Last night I attended a talk put on by Suzanne Somers here in Toronto. I have been following her since her days on Three's Company. I definitely OWN a Thighmaster and have a number of her books. I was especially interested to see how Suzanne Somers performs as a public speaker. I am always looking for tips and tricks to improve my own public speaking abilities.

Last night's talk focused on the use of Bio Identical hormones in the maintenance of the body and the prevention of cancer. It's a controversial topic for most people, but her lecture was very thorough and informative. Both myself and my daughter have used Bio Identical hormones in acute cases with much success. She touched on a 5 pronged approach to avoiding cancer which includes cleaning out your home, avoiding chemicals, eating well, sleeping and using Bio Identical hormones. Notice that eating well is 1/5 of this approach. She focused a lot of attention on making sure we understood how important it is to eat wholesome, Clean foods.

I really enjoyed her talk and would have loved to shake her hand afterward. She is a bit of a one-woman powerhouse! I would encourage you to check out her speaking engagements. If you have already, what did you think of her discussion?


Lydia said...

I didn't see her live but I did see an interview with her on television about her new book. It was fascinating. I prefer alternative approaches of medicine as well and, after my father passed away from cancer, I was very interested to hear what she had to say. I was quite impressed, too.

Secrets of a Thin Girl said...

Tosca, what are Bio Identical hormones? Never heard of them.

Kim said...

Yes, Suzanne is a dynamo! And at 60-something looks absolutely fantastic! I love that she seems to be single-handedly revolutionizing women's approach to dealing with hormonal health. I'm 43 and haven't taken bio-identicals ... yet. But I plan to if needed. Go Suzanne Go!