Monday, October 19, 2009

Do You Live in Ontario??

Tomorrow I will be appearing the 7th Annual Women's Health and Wellness Day in support of Humber River Regional Hospital in Woodbridge, Ontario.

I will be speaking at 11:40am about Eating Clean and exercise, including a demo.

At 3:15pm I will be signing books!!

I hope to see you there.

Here is some information on the event:

Paramount Conference and Event Venue
222 Rowantree Dairy Road
Woodbridge, Ontario


Anonymous said...

I do live in Ontario, but nowhere near Woodbridge.

Have a great time tomorrow...and who knows, maybe you will get out to Hamilton one day.

Fun-n-Fit said...

Thunder Bay is pretty far away as well!

Lise said...

I was hoping that a rep from the Vancouver Wellness show would contact you, as I sent them an e-mail request for you to be a keynote speaker! Please keep BC on your Radar!!

Cheers~ Lise ( aka 'ironwman' on the boards )

anya said...

Come to Winnipeg!!

Anonymous said...

Please also keep Calgary on your radar. I would love love to meet you.


The Leflett's said...

I'm starting to think my husband, kids, and I should move to Canada. :)

TKDMom said...

Definitely try to keep Calgary on your radar!

Tanya Prud'homme said...

I just hope that soon you will have the opportunity to come to Montreal, I would love to meet you in person ! Keep us updated !