Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I've Been Up To

After a busy week I decided to travel to Kingston to see Kelsey and Kiersten. It was a nice day for a drive – clear, sunny and not too busy on the roads. I listened to motivational tapes from Zig Ziglar on the way. I want to be a better public speaker so I am making myself a student of public speaking. I am also going to listen to Suzanne Somers this Thursday at a presentation she is giving here in Toronto.

Anyway my girls and I met for lunch and enjoyed catching up on little details about their lives. Kiersten had to go back to her studies quickly because she is in the middle of midterms. Kelsey and I looked for a Halloween costume. She will be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz! Then she took me to her art studio space at Queens and showed me her work. Her style has already changed so much from high school. She looked happy and glowing.

I am a lucky mom. I have worked hard to build strong relationships with my daughters and I think it is paying off.

I'm hanging out with my friend Franca today and enjoying the lovely fall weather.


Anonymous said...

Great art work!
Just ordered Suzanne Somers book from Amazon.com!

Anonymous said...

I'm on a constant journey to become a better public speaker. It's great to know I'm not along. Some folks are naturals but I need to practice.