Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Food and Fitness

I am glad everything is cleared up with the treadmill post. Phewf! You all are such fantastic readers and I love your comments. Please keep them coming. I read them this morning and they pumped me up for the Oxygen shoot I have today!
I told you I was knee deep in canning materials! I spent Saturday at home training and canning. Food and fitness are my 2 favorite things. Here's a photo log of the day:

Kickin' it in the gym:

Ham curls and leg extensions!!

Leg press! Killer! I’m pulling my legs in nice and close to my chest.

Straight arm pullovers. A favorite of mine after leg work. It gets lots of air into my lungs bringing my breathing back to normal after heavy leg work.

Gotta' love a strong finish with ab work!

Now it’s time for the kitchen:

Getting prepared for ratatouille and tomato sauce. Look at these goodies!

Tomato sauce: the mill requires strength!

Pickled beets in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner coming up in less than a week here in Canada.



Lydia said...

I would love to hear your recipe for pickled beats! I would buy them but they have so much salt. Do you have a low sodium alternative?


Liz said...

Just made your Maui Black Bean soup for family and my kids loved it. My youngest said "it's the best mom". I'm so excited because of all the veggies in it!! So healthy and yummy (worth the chopping!)

Ann said...

Looks yummy Tosca! do you have any special recipes for squash. I've been getting a lot of squashes with my CSA, and am not sure just what to do with them all.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! I'm doing some of the recipes from last year's CE mag.

rakeback said...

I work at a nutritional store and often reference your site for new things to recommend to my customers. Keep up the good work!

april said...

Your lookin' good! I've never tried the pull-overs.. do they work your back?

How do you feel about stevia?