Monday, October 27, 2008

An Eat-Clean Weekend

Good Monday Morning Bloggers,

I'm glad you all enjoyed the shots from Jenny Hendershott's Phat Camp. If you would like more information on this event please visit her website: She does travel to many different cities.

As much as I enjoyed Friday, I have some SERIOUS delayed onset muscle soreness. My goodness. I couldn't even finish my leg workout yesterday because I was in pain! I had to take an epsom-salts bath to get those toxins out. I could probably use a massage too, but I don't know when I'll be able to squeeze that in.

How was your weekend? My weekend was spent at home doing LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of work. But I did manage to have a few Skype calls with my daughters scattered all over the world.

I am going to answer questions from the comments on Wednesday... stay tuned!

Here are my eating and training logs for the weekend:


Training AM:
Early morning cardio on empty stomach – 35 minutes HIITS on treadmill

½ cup cooked oatmeal – we are dropping the quantity now – topped with 2 T each wheat germ, flax and bee pollen
5 egg white omelet with tomato
250 ml water with lemon juice
250 ml water with 8 oz, wheat grass
Black coffee
5 fish oil supplements

Mid AM:
250 ml water
Herbal tea
2 tablespoons natural almond butter
1 banana

Grilled chicken
2 cups spinach leaves with chopped salad vegetables
Pumpkin oil and cider vinegar for dressing
Black coffee
250 ml water

Mid PM:
4 egg whites
1 carrot
1 celery stick

Training PM:
Calves: 5 sets heavy calf raise, 5 sets seated heavy calf raise
Abs, abs, abs until I couldn’t anymore!

Egg-white frittata with spinach, purple onion, broccoli and tomato
Roasted sweet potato
Herbal tea

Before Bed:
250 ml water with cal/mag and MSM supplement


½ cup cooked Red River Cereal topped with 2 T each wheat germ, Salba and flax seed (cutting down on carbs even more now)
5 hard boiled egg whites + one yolk
250 ml water with juice of one lemon
250 ml water with wheat grass
Black coffee

Mid AM:
4 egg whites
1 apple
250 ml water

2 cups spinach greens with alfalfa sprouts and chopped salad vegetables, dressed with 2 T pumpkin seed oil and 2 T white Balsamic Vinegar
30 grams of water packed tuna
500 ml water
Herbal tea.

Mid PM:
Juiced vegetables including green beans, cucumber, spinach, carrot, apple, sesame seeds, cashews, 4 grapes, radishes, flax seed and wheat germ

Roasted chicken breast
Brussels sprouts and green beans
Brown rice

Before Bed:
Egg whites

We trained legs today... AHHHH
Hamstrings: 3 sets 50 pounds curls
Leg extensions: 4 sets heavy
Squats: 4 sets heavy
Ab isolation


Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,
I just had a question about fish oil supplements. I see you take 5 in the morning, but not every morning. What do you recommend is a good amount to take on a daily basis?

Anonymous said...

go easy on fish oil. We all should be aware of the upper limit when it comes to Marine sources of EPA and DHA versus land. Over 3,000 mg's of fish oil a day thins blood nicely....but also affects bleed time. When a healthy adult consums 5,000 mg (5g's) a day - they will litteraly double there bleed time.