Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Help Us Help Others in Need!

There’s just over a month until the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon and training is in full swing – I’ve been running my heart out, despite the late-summer heat we’ve been experiencing here in Southern Ontario. The Eat-Clean Diet team will be running the half marathon (13.1 miles or 21 kilometers) distance in support of Team Diabetes and we need your help to reach our donation goal!

This is a cause I feel very strongly about! We at The Eat-Clean Diet believe in the importance of eating a healthy diet to avoid developing and alleviate symptoms of chronic ailments such as diabetes. More and more people are diagnosed with diabetes every year but we can stop the trend and we can make a difference with your help!

Each person who makes a donation of $20 or more will receive an autographed photo and will also be entered into a draw for a one-hour phone consult from me. If you have any burning questions about Eating Clean or training, here is your chance to get them answered personally and support a wonderful cause at the same time.

To make a donation to Team Diabetes, please visit Select “pledge” and search for my team under “Tosca Reno.” When you’re finished, email my team at with your name, address and phone number to let us know you’ve made a donation. All pledges must be collected by September 17th, 2010, so please do not delay! Click here for more details.

Thank you in advance for your generous support. Together we can make a difference!

Keep it tight,


Anonymous said...

Tosca, I am in awe of what you are doing with this passion of yours. I support you whole-heartedly, (for what it's worth being a stranger who blogs hi now and again!!)
I share my love of Clean Eating as I blog to a whole bunch of women nationally and internationally. The coolest thing happened when one bounced back at me with a 'back at ya' coz she is a clean eater, too, and in Australia. Too cool.
Following this blog of yours with huge admiration for you.

Tanya Prud'homme said...

Hi Tosca !

It is always a pleasure to follow you on your journey and I am pleased to tell you that I just made my donation to your team ! Good luck on your half-marathon !

Ellie Arsenault said...

I have worked for GoodLife for almost 2 years - it is awesome to know that you and your team are supporting our cause.

I speak about your books and your philosophy daily to members in our club that are searching for inspiration and the magic answer. I tell them that while it won't be easy, if they are ready to take the leap, you are the best person I know to lead them.

Thank you for what you do :) and Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tosca,
I am so glad to find out that you are running the 1/2 marathon and for such a great cause! I am also planning on running the 1/2 marathon again (ran it last year, but sustained an injury and had to walk through the finish line). I fully support your great work. I've been an Oxygen subscriber for a couple of years now and follow your Eat Clean philosophy - simply because it works! Is there any way to be part of "Team Tosca" for the GoodLife 1/2 marathon? I'd love to be part of a team to keep motivation high for this great cause.
Thanks for everything you do!

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