Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rock This Weekend With Me!

This weekend I will be participating in the Women Rock Event in picturesque Collingwood, Ontario.

We will be climbing, caving, roping, trekking and spa-ing.

What a great weekend for women who are active in both mind and body.

After all of that hard work we will be enjoying a delicious, clean dinner designed by me. I would really like to see you there. Get all of the information here.


Jen said...

I'd love to! But unfortunately I live in BC now :) Grew up in Orillia though and that whole area is so beautiful. Enjoy, I hope you post a few pictures.

Roxie said...

That sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, as I sit here and read this, I'm finishing up a small bag of cheetohs and feel like crap.

I need to get on the ball with eating clean so I can feel alive again.

You amaze me Tosca! You are so full of energy and life has you busy with so many good things.

I love following your blog and I'm a member of your community at The Kitchen Table and on the forum, but I must get off my big lumpy but and take care of ME!

Thanks for motivating so many, I'll go read your book again and do my best to get started right away. Need to do some grocery shopping tomorrow and rid my pantry of some definite no-no's.


Anonymous said...

Go, Tosca!