Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Settling Into September: Getting Your Best Body and Eating Clean for Busy Parents & Kids

Fall has officially arrived!

The kids are back to school and this is an excellent time to switch up your routine and start a healthier lifestyle.

So how can you begin your new fall routine?

Start by cleaning up your family lunches:
- Try almond butter and fresh strawberries in your whole grain sandwich rather than the standard peanut butter and jam.
- Choose hummus as your new favorite spread. It's the white peanut butter. Pair it with sliced veggies and whole-grain crackers or pita slices.
- Try the Mexican Tomato Chicken Soup in Your Best Body Now one night for dinner.

Then implement family activities:
- Walk around the block or going to the park after dinner
- Discover new hiking trails on the weekends
- Bike (until the snow comes)

The change of season is a perfect time for starting Your Best Body Now. Learn more in Your Best Body Now arriving in stores on September 28.


Marcelle said...

Thanks for the tips and cant wait for that Germany!!

Marcelle said...
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Anonymous said...

And then when the snow comes... go play in it with the kids... then get them to help you shovel... hehehe. for a female at 140 lbs, 20 minutes of snow shoveling = 128 calories burned. not to mention it works the shoulders, arms, legs, back & core like crazy!!

Allergy and Immunology in North Carolina said...

Thanks for the tips and cant wait for that Germany!!

Anonymous said...

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