Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thursday

I am glad you took so well to my post yesterday. I loved reading all of your stories from Thanksgiving and I'm glad you could put the recipes to good use. It's so great to know that you're enjoying the meals. Spread the word, healthy food doesn't have to be bland.

As I sit here this afternoon and review my calendar for the next few days, I realize I have quite a busy weekend ahead!

My whole family will be joining me at my home for the first of many photo shoots for the upcoming Eat-Clean Diet Family and Kids book. I can't wait to see all of my little nieces and nephews, my brothers and sisters, and their spouses. It's been too long.

We've arranged to have a mini slumber party, a birthday party and a colouring event for the kids who are all under the age of 12. Should be a lot of fun... and a little messy, too.

The best part of my family is how much we like to get outside and get moving. Even though the snow has begun to fall up here we still like to battle the elements and go for a long walk through the woods behind my house. Our puppies love the exercise and so do the kids. Do you have any plans for getting outside this weekend?

As you can tell I'm very much looking forward to their visit. Of course, I have to make a run to the grocery store to stock up on wraps, chicken, hummus, veggies and fruit. And I will put a big pot of soup on tonight to prepare for their arrival.

I will fill you in next week with all the details of the shoot... kids do say the darndest things!

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