Monday, November 5, 2007

Latest Update

I had a lot of time to reflect on the weekend this morning as I ran on my treadmill. I'm increasing my cardio efforts this week to switch up my workout routine and keep things fresh. I really notice when I make changes to my routine because I have new-found energy and a fresh outlook on my exercise schedule. It really helps me to avoid boredom... the number one killer of any workout regime!

It's rare that I get to spend a weekend at home, so I took full advantage of this opportunity. I spent Saturday doing research for my latest book. It will be focused on the family and kids. How can we make clean eating fun for everyone? It is my mission to help you achieve this within your own families. The matter of healthy children is close to my heart. I am so unhappy with the state of health affairs in today's society. We have to find a way to reverse this trend. As I have stated numerous times in my column and books "there is a very real possibility children will not outlive their parents." I know how important my children are to me and I want to see them grow and live the healthiest lives possible. Do you want the same for your children and family members?

On Sunday I spent most of the day preparing food to keep me Eating Clean for the rest of the week. I roasted a delicious turkey and made a bunch of veggies to accompany it. I use those really big aluminum catering pans and throw all my veggies in there with a splash on olive oil, garlic and other seasonings, such as rosemary. With so many people in and out of the house on varying schedules during the week it's easiest to have a lot of leftovers so they can take whatever they need for lunch. There are no lunchables in my house!

Welcome to the start of a new week! Join me as we Eat Clean for health and for life!


Anonymous said...

Tosca,I noticed on you eat clean media page there is a radio spot planned for Nov 9 on Is this the website to check?

Tosca Reno said...

Yes that is the correct site: Click on the top where it says listen online every Friday. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are looking at recipes for kids. I would love to be able to fix family-friendly recipes that are healthy as well as easy and something the kids will eat.

Tracy said...

YES, I do want the same for my children. PLEASE come up with a great recipe book for them.

praying the Lord has His hand in this book and it comes to pass SOON!!!!!!