Monday, November 12, 2007


Hello fellow Clean Eaters...

I apologize for the delay in blogging. I have been researching, researching, researching for my family and kids book. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to fill out the Eat-Clean Diet Family Survey. If you haven't yet, or if you're new to the blog (WELCOME!), please take some time (literally, less than 10 minutes) to answer the questions. Remember, you could win a year-long subscription to the latest nutrition magazine Clean Eating.

My big blog today is about our kids. I attended my nephew's 11th birthday party on the weekend and received quite the shock. 90% of the children in attendance at the party were overweight! You hear the statistics and you read the articles in the paper, but when you see it so close to home it shakes you to the core. To make matters worse, the children were not playing soccer or running around the house. They were playing videogames. Each of them on their own handheld console. No interaction. Nothing! What is happening?

We are wired! And our wired world, which is supposed to be keeping us connected to a global community, is making us more and more cutoff.

Does anyone else notice this trend? I'd love to hear your comments...

Let's encourage our kids to not only eat healthy meals, but to "turn off" for a few hours and get outside, get active, get going! This isn't just about us anymore folks, it's about our families, too.

Let's set a good example... Eat Clean (and get active) for Health and for Life!


The Martinez Family (JAM) said...

Okay I am with you I am a mother of 4 and I do not allow them to play video games but only in the weekends -- I also have noticed how most families allow there kids to be in their rooms all day and not take responsibility of thier lives. We need to set an example do we workout or are we in front of the TV all night??? We need to walk the talk!!

Our Children are at Risk. Holly W. from NJ said...

I tell my children that during the school week their number one priority is making sure their school work is done (and done well.) I always send my kids outside after school to run around and blow off some energy - they have been sitting at their desks all day. Every family needs to set limits on gaming/computer/tv time; promote physical activity through organized sports and fun games and family outings. Our childrens' generation is at great risk if we continue to live a life of unhealthy manufactured food and inactivity.