Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting it Right

Good Morning All!

It's an early morning for me, 5:30 am! I have to get my morning cardio session in early today because there is so much to do. It is not easy getting out of bed (where I would rather be) when it is dark and quiet and my bed is so warm and cozy but I think of how I want to look on stage and grab my LuLu's anyway.

Treadmill HIITs are over with. I feel great and I am chasing away my thirst with a glass of wheat grass juice. It tastes a bit like drinking a glass of grass but it is the ideal thirst quencher and keeps my skin and body clean from the inside. I simply mix the powder in water and drink.

Here is yesterday's food intake:


Breakfast: 6 am
1 cup cooked oatmeal, 2 tablespoons each ground flaxseed and bee pollen
6 egg whites
500 ml water
black coffee
4 fish oil supplement capsules

Mid Morning: 9 am
5 ounces orange roughy
5 stalks raw asparagus
250 ml water

Lunch: 12 pm
Asian chicken salad which is a salad composed of plenty of raw nappa cabbage, salad greens, sesame seeds, grilled chicken pieces and shredded purple onion and carrots
perrier water

Mid Afternoon: 2:30pm
6 egg whites
Skinny latte (yup! a small treat here)
Half apple
2 tablespoons bee pollen
250 ml water

Dinner: 6:30 pm
tempeh stir fry
250 ml water

Bedtime Snack: 10:00 pm
6 ounces orange roughy
12 raw unsalted almonds


30 minutes on treadmill

Leg day

Just remembered! I went for another competition suit fitting. A suit is so incredibly important. A good cut can help a competitor move up in the standings or if the suit is poorly cut, can make your standing drop. It was fun selecting the color of the crystals on the suit and the pattern too. Of course I had to try on a sample suit in front of a full length mirror. This is always difficult but already I can see the hard workouts and dieting are paying off. I'll post the pics. Two weeks in, four weeks to go!

Keep the encouragement coming!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment regarding the wheat grass being powdered. I envisioned something that you bought in juice form already and would constantly have to buy raw like this.

Is this something you recommend people who are not getting ready for a competition drink? Is it a good thing to include in your diet on a day to day year round basis (sort of like the bee pollen)?

Melanie C.

Stef said...

You GO girl! Looking forward to the pics.

Also I had questions similar to those that Melanie asked. As a triathlete I am constantly having to eat and be conscious of what I'm putting in my body.

Have a GREAT rest of your day!