Saturday, August 16, 2008

Training Dieting Training

Hi Again!
Can I just say, training is getting crazy but dieting is getting crazier. My meals are spaced a pretty regular 2 1/2 hours apart and believe me when it comes around to eating time I am STARVING! As nutty as this lifestyle is I like it. It's a real test of self everything - self discipline, self control, pushing oneself and so on. You get the general idea.

Do you really want to hear what I ate again? Here it is ...

8:30 am Breakfast
1 cup oatmeal cooked in water
5 egg white omelet with tomato
500 ml water
2 cups black coffee

10:30 am Mid Morning
5 ounces chicken
250 ml water

1:30 pm Lunch
2 cups green salad with 5 ounces grilled chicken
250 ml water

4:30 pm Mid Afternoon
4 ounces grilled chicken
shredded carrot, radish, apple salad
500 ml water

7:30 pm Dinner
Green Salad with broken olives, walnuts and olive oil
grilled salmon
steamed zucchini
braised tomatoes
500 ml water
black coffee

3 sets standing lateral raise
3 sets bent over lateral raise
3 sets shoulder presses

3 Super Sets bicep curls with cross chest triceps extension
3 sets hammer curls
3 sets triceps behind neck presses

30 minutes cardio

This training was done in the gym at the hotel here in New York where I am now with my daughter as she begins a week of dance training at the Joffrey.

'K, G'night!
Got to get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Tosca, only a few more weeks to go. Thanks for posting, I look forward to reading about your training & diet. TO

Paula said...

Keep up the great work Tosca and can't wait to see those pics you were talking about

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the update. How about putting a book out about it. I am sure it would be interesting to read and see exactly what those workouts and meals look like.

Enjoy the books you have written so far.

Tami said...

Tosca, how many reps do you usually do with each set?