Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Belly

Hello At 4:30 in the Morning!

The doctor's visit went well yesterday with my incisions looking clean and my girls looking smaller. Of course there is still swelling mainly at my sides but I am impressed by the fact that there are so few cuts. The healing seems to be going well. I am going to have to remove my own sutures while I am in Paris but I can't imagine that will be difficult.

My big complaint is that I think the antibiotics are destroying my digestive system. My stomach is so distended it looks like I am 6 months pregnant. The doctor put me on Keflex and ever since I started taking it I feel terrible. That is why I am up instead of sleeping. I am so uncomfortable. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this I would be most grateful.

Going to try and get some rest now,
Good night


Tanya Prud'homme said...

Hi Tosca,

Maybe trying a supplement or yogourt rich in good bacteria woulds help, in Quebec we have Bio-K, I don't know if it's available in Ontario. Good luck !

Anonymous said...

When I am having trouble with my digeative tract I take a supplement called oxy powder. hope this helps.

Cheryl said...


I have been reading your blog since the beginning. You have been a great source of inspiration to me. I have introduced my friends to your blog and other publications. I talk about you as if you are a friend I see regularly.

Every now and then I fall off the Clean Eating wagon. When caught in the act, my friends will ask - "what would Tosca think of that?" It always makes me smile.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a fabulous vacation!

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

I would certainly get some probiotics in the system ~ I had a reaction to Keflex, looked like I was sunburned & little itchy bumps developed on my scalp ~ Yuck.... Good Luck

Jingles said...

Hiya brave Tosca,
Yup. Often antibiotics destroy the bad but the good as well so getting the good reintroduced to your system will make a difference. Probiotics as suggested above plus quality yo with up to 8 different strains of bacteria. If possible, try a local producer for utmost freshness.
Intestinal gas can also be an issue which charcoal tablets can help with.
Thinking of you as you go through this transition.
Take good care of yourself. Altho many of us haven't had the pleasure of a face to face with you, you are highly regarded.
Get well soon.xx

Anonymous said...

I'd get off the antibiotics as soon as possible, but until you can, I'd take probiotics, for sure, and even plant enzymes. It just goes to show what "chemicals" really do to our system! =( Stay strong!

G said...

I just went through breast revision surgery on the 14th, so I'm in the same boat as you. My stomach swelled up too! I thought it was from the anesthesia...? Anyway, it only lasts for the first week and then goes away. Best wishes on a speedy recovery and have a great time in Paris! (...jealous!) :)

Naomi said...

Probiotics are great, but you need the antibiotics to fight infection from your surgery. You can take both, just not at the same time. You have to space them at least four hours apart or neither will work for you! Best of luck on a speedy recovery and thanks for all the inspiration. Naomi :)

LouAnne said...

You've gotten some great advice on the probiotics, so I won't repeat. Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. Thanks for blogging about your experience!

Anonymous said...

Bio-K is here in Ontario and is fabulous. I was told that it has the highest number of live bacteria available in a product like this. Available at most Supercentre, Loblaws, Fortino's, Whole Foods, etc. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Probiotics are absolutely called for here-25 to 50 billion CFU's at a wack. These can be taken during your course of antibiotics without ill effect. They will just keep the intestinal environment sound and balanced.Also bromelain for fast healing and to reduce bruising, in addition to the arnica. Good luck and quick healing to you!

Anonymous said...

I swear by Nature's Bounty chewable acidophilus. It tasts great and it's easy to take, but the results are awesome. I take it anytime I have to take antibiotics and it's a miracle probiotic!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better Tosca!


Anonymous said...

Hello Tosca :)
You have received very good informations from the previous bloggers :) Hope that you have a speedy recovery. I had a question to ask "Army Wife Tata"... where do you purchase Nature's Bounty chewable acidophilus ? Would it be available in Canada ? Cheers !

Cynthia said...

Hi Tosca,
Im praying for you a speedy recovery! You truly are an inspiration to me and many others, so hang in there! The "girls" will be glad you did! LOL

Anonymous said...

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