Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 4 Paris!

Ah! Mon Dieu!

My feet are killing me. Bob and I started the day with a visit to the Pompidou which is where Bob's favorite artists hang their work. The likes of Francis Bacon, Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Henri Toulouse Lautrec, Giacometti and Modigliani, Kandinsky and more. Oh my goodness and that was all on one floor! That museum is not pretty from the outside but inside it is a wonderful surprise.

Then we went to lunch at Maxim's where Monsieur Lautrec use to hang out (well there and the Moulin Rouge). The weird thing was that we had to make reservations for lunch here but Bob and I were the only ones' dining. Maybe it's more fun at night but what other man could book the whole of Maxim's for his honey?

We then wandered along the Rue Fauborg and Rue St. Honore where Bob was pretty sure he ran into Ms Demi Moore. I was drooling over a certain outfit in the window of Hermes. Ahhh! Siggghhhh! She went in. I was still drooling.

We enjoyed a delicious smoothie at a small cafe. In that smoothie were fresh raspberries, mango, citrus, banana and something called myrtle. Whatever it was, it was superb.

Next we met Kelsey at the home of Coco Chanel. This location was the place where madame got her business started and made it the success it still is today. It occurs to me when you know how to do something well and you have the passion for it you can make a go of it like nobody's business. Kelsey was very interested in the fashion, fabric, texture and cut of the clothes. I can't wait to see her exhibit on Friday, her last day of classes in Paris.

We then took the Metro (my feet were shot) to the St. Germain district where we had a gorgeous fish dinner at les Deux Magots. The food was perfect and we were so happy us three to have a break together just sitting. I believe this is part of French culture, to sit and savor what you eat. Let's try and remember that.

Pics for you.
A demain!


Jingles said...

Fab writing, Tosca. Love it all. I can't wait to read your posts as you go. Great stuff.

Funny enough, I have been paying more attention to 'tasting' my food, lately.
Clean eating as a mom of 7 means I stuff my mouth many times in my haste to keep my family commitments. Almost a shameful waste of such gloriously fresh foods which I prepare for my 'converting to cleaner eating!' family.

Thanks for the reminder. Am currently chomping on my raw vegies at the mo...Double Yum ;-) for real.

G said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about all of your experiences in Paris and seeing your photos. Thank you for posting them. I'm amazed that you're doing so well so soon after surgery. I'm so glad for you. said...

Apparently Myrtle is a flowering plant often used for respiratory conditions - who knew?? Your smoothie sounds great though :O)

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