Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada

Hey All!

It's time to celebrate being Canadian. Don your red and whites, grab a flag and get out there. This is a remarkable country with a peace keeping history. Bury your disagreements. Breathe in the beautiful fresh air and give yourself a pat for being here today. Hug your neighbour (that is how we spell it), your kids, your dog, anybody you want. Go for a run, swim in a crystal clear Canadian lake and be glad you are here.

I love you all and want to hear what you did or what you are going to do on this fabulous day.

I am always listening.

PS. Happy Birthday little brother Rene! That is my brother and today is his big day too. He is the guy with the big grinning smile hugging my Tante Riet from Holland.


Ange said...

Looking forward to spending the day just being together as a family, going for a run at the Welland Canal this afternoon and then we'll feast on quinoa burgs, corn on the cob & organic cherries while watching fireworks tonight!

Donna Jayne said...

Today I went for a 40K bike ride with my Sister-In-Law and it was GREAT. My son and I also went and saw The Last Airbender. We had a super day.