Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Over

Hello All.

It has been a long day for me as you might imagine. Today was RE/RE day. In surgical terms that means reduce and replace. So you know I always come clean with you and this is no exception. I wrote yesterday that I was fed up with large implants and wished to change them. That is what I did today - well I didn't do it, my doc did. Here is how it went.

Undergoing surgery of course means anesthetic and that means eating nothing! After the sour cherries and the fresh blueberries yesterday at 9:00 pm I didn't eat a thing until 5:00 pm. That's 20 hours with no food which for a Clean Eating gal is torture. I was starving and thirsty! OOOh and a little bit cranky I must admit.

Anyway I arrived at the doctor's office and entered the surgical suites where I was prepped for surgery - the usual paper work had be signed and various questions were asked to assess my current state of health. The doc comes in and draws lines all over the breasts to give him guidelines of what he must do. He takes pictures. I had a frank discussion with him because my goal here was to have a moderate looking bustline not a show girl look. We made a decision to go from 225 cc's to 125 cc's. It wasn't long after that I walked over to the OR and was greeted by a team of nurses and the anesthesiologist. Would you believe it! One of the nurses knew who I was. I guess she got up close and personal with all my bits and this is why I am so honest about all of what I do. You can never get away with anything less!

Two hours later I was up and heading to the potty all by myself with brand new, smaller boobs. Would you believe I felt lighter already. I am so excited to see what they look like when the swelling goes down and the incisions heal. I am a good healer so I expect it won't take long. I am taking some naturopathic supplements as per Rachel's recommendations. For those of you who don't know she is my daughter who is studying to be a naturopath. I am taking arnica to reduce swelling, Co-Q10 for antioxidant power, Traumeel to encourage wound healing, MSM for healing and extra protein also for healing. Right now I feel tired and am heading for bed soon. I just wanted to share my experience with you.

Going forward my doctor insisted on my wearing a sports bra day and night. No underwires!! I am going to give all my bras to a second hand store because I won't need them anymore. Yeah! Away with the old and in with my pile of sports bras. I can't train for a week but that is perfect because Bob and I leave for our vacation to Paris to visit Kelsey-Lynn on Saturday. I am really going to take a break.

Stay tuned!
Sleep tight.


Anonymous said...

Happy for you that all went well. Enjoy a well deserve rest, and BON VOYAGE A PARIS!

Anonymous said...

Tosca, I have been following you for almost 3 years. Before your first Eat Clean book came out. You have become so dear to me and we have never even met. As with a fine wine you have aged beautifully not only outside but inside. I respect you even more for your conversion back to smaller more natural looking breasts. I am 48 yrs old and in excellent shape and feel beautiful and embrace my age just as you do. However, I sometimes have wished I had larger breasts and that mine weren't good enough. So thank you for affirming my recent change of beliefs that "the girls" are already beautiful as they are. You are the BEST!!!! I have told you this before on this site, I truly wish that someday i will have the honor of meeting you. I love getting older! I feel more vivacious, sexy and beautiful now than ever before. The power is with in each of us, and the choice is all our own. You go girl... I love you! Sister in Iron, Sue

Anonymous said...


So happy for you! Will continue to pray for your quick healing!

Have a great time in Paris!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating us on your surgery and how you are doing. I started eating Clean in early June and to date have lost 8 pounds. With that my breast size has decreased some and I also feel lighter. I am very happy with the smaller size, before I could no longer fit in my blouses. Now they fit great! Thanks for all you do to encourage us, inform us and motivate us to be healthy. Have fun on vacation!

i_amEatingRight said...

Glad you made it through okay! I appreciate you honesty. Have fun in Paris!

Donna Jayne said...

Hey Tosca...I love your openness. It sounds like all went well and I am glad. Praying for quick healing and have a super time in Paris.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I'm happy all went well. Enjoy your break! I love Paris! I lived in Germany for 3 years and went to Paris every chance I got. Don't forget to hit Mont Martre and artist's square where you will be bombarded by men wanting to draw your face (and new boobs too, I'm sure!)
Have a safe and happy trip!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear all went well and you are feeling good!
Please continue to keep us updated - I'm in a similar situation and would love to hear how you feel once you're all healed up and the swelling goes down. My doc & I chose my sized implants to prevent having a lift, they are a little larger than I originally wanted. Even though I'm a C cup. My fear (for me) is SAGGING if I have mine replaced. But after breastfeeding 3 babies for a year each, I guess they'll never look QUITE the same! Which, I can live with.
Anyways...You are awesome! You look amazing and always are so open and honest. You have inspired so many, and we all appreciate you!
Have a wonderful time in Paris, and take care of yourself while healing!
Safe travels!

Stefania said...

Thanks for your honesty. I'm interested in your doctor's recommendation about wearing sports bras going forward. Is this for always? They're comfy but not exactly sexy. How do you feel about that? Do you have a brand that you like best?

All the best.

Amanda said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery, Tosca! I've wanted to get a reduction for so long, but am finishing up school & busy with two small kids. I would love to get it though.

Enjoy Paris & have a lovely cup of coffee at Cafe de Flore. Bonnes vacances!

Michal said...

Im glad your sugery went well, and I hope you heal soon! Have a wonderful time on your vacation :)

nicole said...
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nicole said...

Bonjour Tosca,

I'm also interested in why the doc recommended sports bras. I am curious if it had anything to do with why my doctor requested me to lay off the underwire. She told me that there have been recent studies that at finding out that the underwire puts excessive amounts of pressure and rubs sensitive breast tissue which could increase risk of cancer. I hope you don't mind sharing because this would just reaffirm my doctor's recommendations and I may start following.

Hope you have a speedy recovery and have a wonderful time in Paris...Bon Voyage!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your surgery went well! I hope you have a fabulous time in Paris and looking forward to your next blog once you are back, refreshed and healed!! :O)

Coach Equildottsin said...

I certainly wish you a very fast recovery. You are such an inspiration to many women.

I'm 47 and getting in the best shape of my life. I love your book and keep it close at hand to reference from all the time. It took me a little while to recognize the importance of proper nutrition along with daily exercise. I'm forever thankful for people like you who have taken the time to set the ground work for the rest of us to follow.

Wishing you all the best and I look forward to hearing about your "new life" with smaller breast. Enjoy your time in Paris! Take care and God bless!


AB said...

Your doctor said no underwires forever?

After I got my breast implants, I was told to not wear underwire for a couple months, then it was recommended I wear a supportive bra. Mind you, I was 26 at the time of surgery and had a lift (around the nipple) to correct unevenness only. Sagging was never my problem.

I've been wearing Le Mystere #9's which are designed for breast implants and are gorgeous bras.

I've just never heard of any plastic surgeon say to stay away from underwire forever.