Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July in the USA

Hello My American Friends.

It's your country's birthday. What a party! And what a day to celebrate! The weather is stunning and the call of the outdoors is not to be ignored. In New York City this weekend I saw runners in the streets of the big city, cyclists and boaters near the waterfront and numerous bare shoulders. Bars, pubs and restaurants had thrown open their doors to welcome the warm weather and thirsty, hungry customers who were also taking in the World Cup. Although the city was relatively quiet there was still an electric vibe present. It is an exciting city no matter what time of year isn't it?

Happy celebrating with your friends and loved ones,


Jeanette said...

Hello Tosca,
Thank you for your thoughts for our holiday.
I was watching a tri today and thought of how amazing your victory is. Congratulations.
You are truly my inspiration as I forge ahead in changing my lifestyle and body.
Thank you for blogging so faithfully.

setiawati said...

hello, congratulation

spotlessmind said...

Happy Canada and 4th to you! I'm lucky enough to have one parent with each citizenship so I get two parties. :)