Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 10 of 25 Days of Giving

Wow, the days are flying by during this holiday season. 

We are already 10 days into our 25 Days of Giving.

Today will also be the day we select our 1st winner. Thanks for all of your commenting on TwitterFacebook, the Kitchen Table and here on the blog. Don't forget there are still 2 more chances to win so keep your giving going.

Today's GIVE:
The most unglamorous give of all... Today I am giving the garbage a heave hoe for my husband. He usually takes out the trash, but today I am going to do it instead. 

What's your "give"?



Michelle said...

What I am giving this year is my time to the local Salvation Army to make Holiday Hampers and then deliver them to needy families! I have never done this and I am so excited to help out my community! Every community deserves to be hunger free and healthy too!
~Michelle Cudmore-Armstrong

Anonymous said...

I'm giving my husband the gift of time, by taking the kids and giving him a day completely 'off'.

Natalie Grant

Nicole said...

I'm volunteering for a local organization that promotes the education, supply, and access to local food. I've been wanting to get involved, but hadn't made the commitment- now I have!

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I helped my "little sister" with her essay and to study for an exam. Today I'm bringing some of my old clothes to a local Salvation Army bin.
Antonietta Mannarino
from Montreal

Tiny Tidbits said...

I am giving my boyfriend support. He is taking a Tae Kwon Do blackbelt test for his 2nd dan and he has to break 2 bricks. I am going to be there for over 4 hours to watch him take his test and be able to drive him home in case he breaks something. Then perhaps... ice down his hand afterwards.

Jingles said...

Pancakes made from scratch were a gift to my teen daughter's sleep-over girlfriends. They were hungry and I did not wish to feed them junk. They loved the food and felt great afterwards. Home cooking and kitchen love does everybody good.