Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 24 of the 25 Days of Giving

Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland

We are one day away from our last day of Giving and of course Christmas! Even though our season of giving is coming to an end, the spirit of giving will extend throughout the new year. Our 25 Days of Giving Campaign has been such a joyous experience for all of us to share together. Each story, comment and give has inspired me to give more. You are all such inspirations! Thank you for joining in with me and the Eat-Clean Diet® Team. Keep on giving!

Today's give is simple, I am going to give my family as many hugs as I can. Give someone close to you some hugs and love!

Happy Holidays Everyone! And remember we will be announcing the winner of this week's Give giveaway today. Find more information on the Gives Giveaway.


Tosca Reno and the Eat-Clean Diet® Team

Each of your comments enters you to win an Eat-Clean Diet® Starter Kit! There is only one more to go! Make sure you're posting your gives on facebooktwitter and here on the blog. No entry is necessary, we are selecting our winners at random from each of the sites listed above. This is the last final week of giveaways. 


Angela said...

Today, my husband and I are taking all the kids to the mall to shop. Crazy being the day before Christmas, but they wanted to do it and so we decided to make it a family day. So I guess you can say we are giving the gift of "time" today. :)

serenity said...

My sister has come over sick today...poor timing indeed. So I am giving her the gift of homemade vegetable soup and my time spent cleaning her apartment top to bottom...nothing says love like clean sheets on the bed!!

Anonymous said...

Since losing my father suddenly two weeks ago, I have changed my thoughts on what this Christmas will mean and what will and will not get done for my family. I give myself the gift of letting some things slide and not worrying about the perfect cookie or cake. I will enjoy my family and not worry about what was so important to get done at Thanksgiving. Those things are not important now.

Bonafyde said...

Oh my aren't Hugs the best gifts to give and receive? A timely hug can work wonders on the soul! I have given my boys a shower of hugs and kisses this morning and will go give my Mother one when she gets back from running errands.

Bonafyde said...

Oh my aren't Hugs the best gifts to give and receive? A timely hug can work wonders on the soul! I have given my boys a shower of hugs and kisses this morning and will go give my Mother one when she gets back from running errands.

Anonymous said...

We are in Vancouver for Christmas and we're going to WhiteRock this morning to stay with my son and his family, including our 31/2 year old grandson -- hugs will be easy and many. We live in Williams Lake and haven't seen them since Thanksgiving. This will be a time of family, love and celebration. Our younger son is joining us as well.

Ironwman said...

Kind of Sad the official "days of giving" are coming to a close!

I've loved reading and following though in the best way I could each day! Gotta try to keep this momentum going! Everyday is a gift, so I'm gonna continue to consiously share with those around me each day! It's the little things that make a HUGE difference.. The kind words, the cup of coffee in the morning, the extra 10 seconds added to that morning hug or kiss.. I can handle that!

Wishing you and yours a beautiful and treasured Christmas and I look forward to following your continued sucess in 2011!

Cheers from Vancouver and hope to meet you here one day!

Julie134 said...

i had been wondering when ad what to give and have decided to give o myself and my family and indirectly giving to all - We are to share the gift of good health thru a more focused approach to what we eat, when and how - our gift is to ourselves to allow us to have the healthiest bodies we can - for too long i have battled against stuffy noses, headaches and gut issues all stemming from poor food choices. My dear son with his wheat and dairy allergies and behaviour problems will benefit from clean food MY asperges boy will also benefit froma diet clear of additives and junk
Thanks you Tosca and AL of your followers for the gift u give of support, strength and knowledge

Michelle N. said...

Haha, funny you mention hugs...that's what people have avoided giving me today. It's "Michelle, you know I love you, but I don't want your germs." At my lovely retail place of employment, we have given each other the gift of illness this holiday. So many of us are sick for Christmas. I may be under the weather, but still strong in spirit. My "give" for Christmas Eve was something that has become a tradition the last few years. We have a local non-profit group that comes each year and does gift wrapping the last week before Christmas for donations. The group trains assistant and therapy dogs for the disabled. I adore them and Christmas Eve I always give them a donation. Having that group, including the dogs in training themselves, in the store brings such a bright spot to the holidays for me. When things get too stressful, I go love on one of those dogs, and it makes the whole day better. And knowing they are going to be helping someone in need makes them that much more special.

I hope that everyone...Tosca, The ECD Team, and all the followers out there have an amazing holiday!

Anonymous said...

Tosca - I have been following your career for some time now. You are quite an inspiration. But the last 3 years have been tough on me and I gained back all of my 130+ poounds I had lost in 2007. So I am back on it now in this new year - reading your new book. But I have a question about inserting "almonds to help lower cholesterol". I am very allergic to all kinds of nuts - so what do you suggest as a substitute to help lower the cholesterol?