Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 18 of 25 Days of Giving

25 Days of Giving continues today... but only week remains!

What have you been giving?

Today's give is simple, but heartfelt. Many students are plugging away to finish up their last few exams of the term. My daughter, Kelsey-Lynn, finished her finals on Thursday, and my daughter, Rachel, will finish her exams on Tuesday. So to help her out,  today I am giving her a care package to help her get through her remaining exams. Is there an exhausted student you can help?

Happy Saturday!


Jingles said...

My daughter has been plugging away for months and has done really well. I have been making extra tasty home cooked meals for her since she asked me to help her feel more of my presence in our kitchen...awwww.
She is so very welcome!
My momma heart plumps with joy at 'feeding' my darling my love.

Kimberly said...

I love giving people the gift of knowledge. I try to inform others about how all of the unhealthy chemicals and hormones in our foods and cosmetics are dangerous for our wellbeing. Organic and natural are the smartest way to go. Having estrogen dominance has made my life miserable. Sparing anyone else that pain is a mission of mine.

Bonafyde said...
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Bonafyde said...

On this day I spent it with my Girlfriends, enjoying a shopping trip together where we all gifted each other with yummy smellies from bath & Body Works.... Mmmmmmmmm

I also sat down with my son, a grade 4 student, and helped him craft together his classmate Xmas gifts. It was really a fun and memorable time spent with him.